School camps

For School Camps

Experience an unforgettable week in the mountains with your school.
The various ski slopes at our resort are ideal for your school camp.
A wide variety of slopes available, catering for all levels ranging from absolute beginners all the way up to experienced skiers and snowboarders.

What to expect

Here you will find simple and easy to use platforms for boarding our chair and ski lifts, where even the beginner snowboarder doesn’t have to be afraid. Our friendly staff are always on hand to help.
There are various accommodations to book from located conveniently on the slopes.
On your days off, enjoy the variety of cross country trails available approximately 2km away in Vrchlabi.
A new construction project has just recently started in Vrchlabi, which promises to provide swimming and other leisure activities.
(If needed, use of our ski busses can be pre-booked on your days off)
We are happy to provide slalom gates for your end of trip costume competition. Please pre-book at least 1 day in advance at our ticket offices.

What we offer

Free shuttle service operates for a distance of up to 10km.
For larger groups, we can offer onsite ski and snowboard storage.
Please see below for school camp price lists or click on the following link. Ceník  školní skupiny.

1 day pass 440
2 day pass 770
3 day pass 1 150
4 day pass (valid for 5 days)** 1 450
5 day pass (valid for 7 days)* 1 700
6 day pass (valid for 7 days)* 1 850
Damaged or lost pass 50